Mucky Clucky Saga Far From Over

Owner: they picked the wrong chicken to mess with

The drama surrounding Miami Beach's most famous chicken is far from over.

Mr. Clucky may be on his way to New Hampshire, but owner Mark Buckley insists it's just to escape the South Florida heat for a little while.

"I just want to dispel this idea that we're getting kicked out of town and we're losing," Buckley told the New Times. "We're not losing. We're on our game. They picked the wrong chicken."

Clucky was officially outlawed from Buckley's apartment by the city commission last month, with Buckley facing $50 per day fines for keeping the animal in his home.

He said he hasn't been fined yet, and plans to appeal the decision for as long as it takes.

Media reports earlier this week said Buckley would be taking Clucky to New Hampshire for good, to live on a farm.

But it looks like the plucky Clucky is no chicken, and he'll be back in town soon.

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