Murder For Hire at a Bargain Rate

Woman accused of paying $200 to whack her boyfriend

The going price to have your boyfriend killed in South Florida is now $200.

At least in the case of Sibia Martinez, a 21-year-old woman who was tired of living with her boyfriend, according to The Miami Herald.

Her 29-year-old boyfriend, Jose Manuel Matute-Hernandez, is now dead. Shot at point blank range as he sat on his couch last March. Two bullets to his head. A three-year relationship gone sour.

Davie police gave the following account of what lead to his murder:

Wanting her boyfriend dead, Martinez asked 24-year-old Cesar Banegas if he would do the job., whom she had not seen since middle school.

Banegas told his roommate, 21-year-old Jose Suarez, who jumped at the chance to make an extra $200. But Banegas wanted to play it smart. He did not want Martinez knowing his identity.

So Martinez gave Banegas $100 as a deposit, promising the other $100 after her boyfriend was killed.

She then left Suarez a key to her apartment at an unnamed park. Banegas then drove Suarez to the park and dropped him off the apartment complex where Martinez lived with her boyfriend.

Suarez looked for the apartment with the red angel hanging the door, presumably meant to be a guardian angel. He allowed himself inside and fired two shots into Matute-Hernandez’s head.

He then made him way outside where Banegas picked him up and drove him to their home. A neighbor later identified him as a man who asked to borrow a telephone.

Meanwhile, Martinez arrived home with her mother from a trip to Walmart and found her boyfriend dead. She called police.

But it didn’t take long for police to learn that Martinez had placed dozens of calls to Banegas on the day of the murder. That led police to his roommate.

Now all three are being charged with premeditated murder.

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