‘My Wife is Grieving': Family Devastated After Double Homicide Inside Kendall Mansion

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A family is grieving after a 26-year-old woman was found dead inside a short-term rental mansion in Kendall.

Police say Jessica Moye was killed inside the home on SW 136th Street in Kendall earlier this week. She was found with her boyfriend, 23-year-old Tyron Coleman.

“The memory of her she was a lovely person, not only outside she was beautiful inside,” said Moye’s uncle, Thomas Jones. “Jessica was like a daughter, closer than a daughter, my wife is grieving, doesn’t want to talk to nobody.”

Miami-Dade Police haven’t said how the pair died, but the homeowner’s son said there was a pool of blood on the floor inside the home.

Neighbors had previously complained about big parties being thrown at the home and noise from those renting the house.

Homeowner Michael Hanna received several citations from the county for having too many people at the house, and violating the minimum 30-day rule to rent the property.

Miami-Dade Police were also called out several times for noise complaints.

Hanna has paid some of the fines and is appealing other citations.

It’s unclear whether Moye and Coleman were the ones renting the house, or friends of those who rented.

Their families say none of that matters, they just pray for justice.

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