Mystery Smell In Weston: Is It Pot or Not?

Facebook page dedicated to South Florida marijuana mystery

If you want a whiff of weed, head to Weston, where the locals swear there's a funky smell in the air.

Some curious residents have even created a Facebook page called, "That Damn Weed Smell on Weston Rd. and Blatt Blvd," dedicated to the curious scent. In the three weeks since it was started, more than 1,100 people have "liked it" and hundreds have left comments that go a lot like this:

"Sooo true, I work right around the corner and I always smell it."

"I knew I wasn't the only one...all my friends thought I was crazy!"

"I have been smelling this for 15-plus years, someone must know something."

So NBCMiami went to the scene of the smell and sniffed around. And yes, there is some sort of funky scent at that intersection. But, it's hard to say if it's pot or not. People who live in the area had mixed reactions.

"It smells exactly like weed does," said one high school freshman.

"No, I've never smelled marijuana around here." said a chuckling Manuel Vivero.

"When I first smelled it I thought 'weed, marijuana,'" said Carlos Dangond.

It's mostly high school students and other young people in the area who are convinced it's cannabis. Some have even heard rumors about where the smell is coming from.

"People say it's a weed plant," said a sophomore at Western High School. "But I don't know about that."

"I heard rumors that there's a guy who grows it and pays off the police," said Johnny Elgegren. "But I don't think that's true."

The Weston Police Department said they've received enough calls about the odd odor that they've investigated, but found no sign of marijuana. So where is it coming from? They didn't say.

So time to bring in an expert.

Gus De La Flor, owner of De La Flor Gardens on Stirling Road in Southwest Ranches, took a whiff.

He said the smell is coming from a combination of two pungent plants. Verbenas and Society Garlic. He doesn't think they smell much like marijuana, but when the wind blows and you get a whiff...he can see how people might get confused.

"Yes, this is it," said De La Flor. "Problem solved."

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