NAACP Compares County Attorney To Famous Racist

South Florida NAACP president Bishop Curry calls Cuevas the new George Wallace

At first, it was about baseball. Then it was about race.

Now it's become just plain racial.

South Florida NAACP president Bishop Victor Curry basically called County Attorney Robert Cuevas a racist Wednesday after he compared the lawyer to former Alabama Gov. George Wallace Jr., a staunch opponent of de-segregation during the civil rights movement.

Curry stopped short of saying Cuevas believed in "segregation now. segregation tomorrow and segregation forever," channeling Wallace's infamous inauguration speech in 1962.

"It's as if Cuevas is old George Wallace standing in the door of the University of Alabama saying we can't get in," Curry said at a press conference.

Everyone expected a backlash from black leaders after the county decided it could not back a new Marlins stadium deal that was aimed at giving black businesses a good share of the financial windfall during and after construction.

But no one expected Bishop Curry to drop an atomic-sized racial bomb on the county attorney.

Cuevas took center stage in the stadium drama when he torpedoed the deal by refusing to sign the pact between the Marlins and the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce. The deal guaranteed black-owned businesses 15 percent of the construction business and 15 percent of operation expenses after the stadium was built.

The Marlins and the black local leaders nixed the deal Tuesday.

Cuevas said the deal would open the county up to discrimination lawsuits. His stance also opened him up to harsh criticism from the most visible pro-black organization in the country.

Now, it's Cuevas turn at the plate.

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