Naked Florida Man Allegedly Attacks Two Tourists in Keys

A Florida man is behind bars after allegedly attacking two tourists fully nude, authorities said.

The tourists told officers the August 18th incident happened after a night of drinking with Joseph McNeal, a 49-year-old man from Sugarloaf Key. The three were socializing and playing billiards at a bar on the 200 block of Duval Street when McNeal offered them a ride back to their hotel.

The tourists - two women ages 27 and 29 - initially agreed, but McNeal asked if they could stop by his house first to check on his sick dog. The women ended up entering McNeal’s home on the 16000 block of Driftwood Lane where they began drinking shots of alcohol.

McNeal left the women’s company briefly at one point. When he returned, he was completely naked, the women said.

The women tried to leave, but McNeal allegedly blocked them, police said. A physical altercation between McNeal and one of the tourists ensued. She told police McNeal put his hands on her throat and pushed her into the television in the living room.

The TV broke and both women made their escape through the porch, according to a press release. McNeal allegedly chased after them and pushed one woman down the porch stairs, causing her to fall and injure herself on a concrete slab.

Both women managed to escape from McNeal’s advances and hid in a thicket of mangroves until deputies arrived.

McNeal was later identified by the tourists in a photo lineup of possible suspects. He was booked into jail Thursday afternoon.

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