National Telecommunicators Week Celebrates the Unseen Heroes: 911 Dispatchers

The second week of April is set aside to honor 911 dispatchers.

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911 dispatchers are sometimes called the “first” first responders.

With every 911 call, you can expect a calm voice on the other end to help you through what could be the worst time of your life. These are the men and women in public safety who are not seen but can be your lifeline.

“They never called us on their best days. It’s normally on a bad day for assistance. We are on the backend assisting them," said Kathy Liriano, who is the Communications Center Manager of Coral Springs Police and Fire Department.

They are also the eyes and ears for police and fire rescue.

“But at the same time in the same area the same vicinity room. We are dispatching resources like fire rescue or police to assist in the emergency," Liriano said.

Dispatchers are not only there for the bad days, they are present for those emergencies that turn into miracles.

Lou Falco has been a 911 dispatcher for over 20 years. He says he's thankful for National Telecommunicators Week because it’s their chance to show the public what they do.  

“Many times people don’t know what we do; I just think they’re calling somewhere. They want to help now, or they don’t know that they’re calling from somewhere else, and we’re trying to coordinate it. We’re letting you know what resources are coming," Falco said.

They hope you never need them but want you to know they’re here if you do.

“We really are here to service the citizens and residents and visitors of our city,” Liriano said.

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