South Florida

NBC 6 Goes Behind-the-Scenes With Coral Springs Police

Monday was training day for a member of NBC 6, as he stepped into the shoes of a police officer to see the danger they face on a daily basis.

A South Florida police department showed us what officers encounter every day, and also how fast a situation can lose control.

Coral Springs Police respond to thousands of calls each year; everything from domestics to traffic stops, even active shooter calls.

They put NBC 6 through 10 different training scenarios in the video above.

It pounded home the point, just how scary and dangerous an officer's job is. Approaching a car at night, from the wrong side during a simple traffic stop, can turn deadly.

An officer has to approach the job with the mentality that once there's an imminent threat, force, even deadly force, should be used.

Officers can deescalate scenarios peacefully, and they sometimes need to use force and deadly force.

Even if it's justified, they're still under the scrutiny of the media and the community. It seems like it's a no win proposition.

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