NBC 6 Miami Music Week 2013: Datsik Brings the Firepower

If Wu Tang came strapped with an Xbox instead of a Glock and rocked the streets of World War III alongside a tribe of the most volatile Millennials ever to crack Quake, they might make a racket like the racket made by that rad cat called Datsik. Like his 36 Chambered predecessors, the BC-bred, LA-based basshead boasts lethal origins and legioned affiliates; in this case superstar DJ Steve Aoki’s globally gone Dim Mak, which is named after the one killer move that has now come to encompass multitudes. With his very own Firepower Records wreaking mad havoc this Miami Music Week, and a kickass quartet of sets stretching from and to Ultra, NBC 6 asked Datsik to crib us on all that’s sick.

Firepower Records’ pick to kill it? “Cold-Blooded.” By Datsik.

Pick to flip? “80 Weight VIP.” By Sub Antix.

Pick to click? “On the Floor.” By AFK.

Pick to fat lip? “Trip.” By Antiserum & Mayhem.

Last but hardly least, what’s Firepower’s sickest? Gotta go with “Bassline Skanka.” By The Frim.

Firepower Records is ... Music made by badass bassheads for badass bassheads.

Dim Mak means ... A lethal one-inch punch – and they mean it.

Catch Datsik Friday, March 21 at Future Sound of Breaks and Saturday, March 22 at Ultra.

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