NBC 6 Responds Helps Couple Recover Security Deposit

Getting your deposit back when you move out of an apartment can end up taking longer than you planned, leaving you to scramble to come up with money for your next lease. It’s what happened to a couple after moving out of state.

The couple had put down more than $900 as a security deposit when they moved into their Pompano Beach apartment in 2015. They gave written notice this year and were told to expect to receive their deposit 15 to 30 days after their moveout date, they said.

A few weeks after their move, they received a statement showing they would be getting back $792 – most of their security deposit. But that’s when the waiting game started, they said.

They were told to contact the apartment’s corporate offices, but when no one returned their calls the couple said they decided to turn to NBC 6 Responds.

A few days after the NBC 6 Responds team contacted the corporate office, the couple told us they finally received their money.

In a statement, the company said, “The satisfaction of our residents is paramount to us … We have a team of dedicated professionals ready to address these types of issues, and are pleased that the matter was positively resolved.”

Florida law requires that landlords return a security deposit within 15 days. If they’re going to keep part of it, they have to notify you in writing – through certified mail – within 30 days.

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