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NBC 6 South Florida Highlights Students With SWAG

NBC 6 South Florida continues to put the spotlight on local students who have SWAG: Students Working At Greatness.

The weekly feature during the 6 p.m. newscast each Friday highlights students who rise against all odds and continue to succeed.

From Sebastian Salas, a senior at Miami Lakes Educational Center, who is the youngest person to ever earn expert-level certification on Solid Works, a mechanical engineering design program; to Elena Lopez and Nadia Mazinani, seniors at Coral Reef High School, best friends who share the same passion: fighting breast cancer; to Juvens Pierre of Northeast High School in Oakland Park, who has overcome a troubled pass to thrive in class; all of these students have SWAG and inspire those around them.

On Friday at 6 p.m., NBC 6 put the spotlight on Leslie Perez, a senior and trailblazer at Miami Springs High School.

Perez is in her element, enjoying the company of kids with special needs, the ones who are ignored or even shunned by most high school students.

"I wanted to be that person, to be bold enough to help these students that are really different from us," Perez said.

Hear more about Perez and her Project Unify, which she launched after seeing how isolated the disabled kids were from the rest of the student body, by clicking here.

"Leslie is truly an inspiration. She brings smiles to my students with intellectual disabilities to their faces every day and her energy is incredible," said Clo Creevay, teacher.

Join us each week to see South Florida students who have SWAG and get inspired! To view more SWAG on 6 stories, click here.

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