NBC 6 Viewers Give Joe Biden the Win Over Paul Ryan in Vice Presidential Debate Survey

Viewers say Biden topped Ryan at Thursday night's debate

While there was no official winner of Thursday night's Vice Presidential debate between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan, NBC 6 viewers gave Biden the edge by a wide margin in our survey.

In response to the question "Who do you think won the Vice Presidential debate?" Biden garnered 60.36 percent of the vote, compared to 38.4 percent for Ryan. Another 1.24 percent of viewers were undecided.

Commenters on NBC6.com also had their say on the debate, in which Biden and Ryan sparred over issues ranging from cutting taxes and creating jobs to the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

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"Biden seemed to answer the questions asked where as Ryan seemed to be trying to remember his planned responses...unconvincingly," Rene Perez said.

"Paul the Zinger put Joe the Joker to shame! Professional politicians never show facial expressions, Biden was pathetic!" Szabo Catherine wrote on NBC6's Facebook page.

Several commenters said they didn't care for Biden's demeanor throughout the debate.

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"Biden's demeanor was disrespectful to both his opponent and the audience," Paul Ruthfield said on NBC6.com.

Biden supporters said the demeanor didn't matter.

"I've never seen a better debater...he was all over Ryan on every one of his points...Ryan held his own but Biden beat him," Juan D. Rodas wrote on Facebook.

The debate was the only one between Biden and Ryan. The next presidential debate, between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, will be held Tuesday at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.

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