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NBC 6's Favorite Dwyane Wade Moments

NBC 6 is taking a look back at our favorite Dwyane Wade moments during his 13 years with the Miami Heat. Wade may be leaving the Heat to join the Chicago Bulls but he'll always be a favorite at NBC 6.

Snow Angels in Confetti
This is how we’ll always remember Wade, celebrating the 2013 NBA Championship, like a child, making snow angels in the confetti that fell on the arena floor.

The Heat had just defeated the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, making it back-to-back titles for the Big 3 Heat.

The 2013 Championship was the third and last for Wade in Miami.

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Wade's Greatest Fear
Dwyane was always fun to interview about non-basketball topics and NBC 6 was lucky to have interviewed him countless times over the years.

In this clip, he explains his greatest fear to NBC 6, and it’s surprising!

Dwyane Wade describes his greatest fear in an interview with NBC 6.

Wade Jones?
When the Heat won the NBA Championship in 2006, they held a ceremony inside the American Airlines Arena after the parade. A local politician was tasked with introducing the NBA Finals MVP and she delivered one of the great South Florida sports bloopers of all time.

Watch Wade’s reaction in the background when he's introduced as Wade Jones.

Dwyane Wade is introduced by a local politician as Wade Jones after the Heat win the 2006 championship
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