NBC6 Miami Music Week 2013: TOKiMONSTA Spins In and Out of Half Shadows

TOKiMONSTA Nikko Lamere R
Nikko Lamere

She choo-chooed across Canada on the Full Flex Express with the likes of Skrillex, Diplo and Grimes, and she took to the seas on the SS Coachella with such wilies as Girltalk, Hot Chip and Pulp. Flying Lotus lured her to Brainfeeder, Kool Keith teamed with her for “The Force”, and MNDR decided they should all “Go With It”. She is TOKiMONSTA, the mythic weaver of Creature Dreams and one of the best things to ever go bump in the night. This Saturday, at The National, TOKi will be the Friend of Wolfgang Gartner’s you’ll see spinning in and out of the Half Shadows cast by her fully-spectrumed Ultra Records longplay debut.

Just what the hell is a TOKIMONSTA? "Toki" is rabbit in Korean, so I'm guessing some sort of mutant rabbit monster. I'll let you know when I know for sure.

Is she more villain or hero (or neither or both)? Both. I'd say a hero turned villain or a villain turned hero, too early to tell. I'm hoping to end up more like a musical Batman.

Should we be wary or welcoming (or very very afraid)? I'd say to be welcoming. Everyone needs a little good and evil in their life.

How many BPMs does TOKIMONSTA generally spin to? Every BPM. I like going from 140 to 90, then back to 140.

What kinda lights does she prefer to shine under/with? No spotlights; just purples and vibey colors.

If TOKIMONSTA was an action word, which would it be (and why)? Juxtaposing because I tend use opposing characteristics together.

Will all that be in evidence at The National this Saturday? Yes, without a doubt.

Wolfgang Gartner & Friends Pool Party with Charlie Darker, Clockwork, Dallas K, Just Blaze, Kill The Noise, Popeska, Tokimonsta and Tommy Trash takes place Saturday March 23, 12n-10pm at The National.

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