Need a Lift

AAA tow trucks are offering free rides to people who have had a few too many pints of ale on St. Patty's Day.

While local bars are offering free drinks for people named Pat on this most Irish of holidays, AAA is countering by providing free tow service for those too inebriated to drive home.

The Tow-To-Go service, which started about ten years ago, basically transforms hulking tow trucks into taxi cabs, but without the tacky yellow paint job.

This year, drinkers in Atlanta, Nashville and Florida can whip out their cell phones (if they can find them) and dial 1-800-AAA-HELP and a truck driver will shuttle them home with their car safely in tow. This free service ends tonight, but it's never a bad idea to tip your driver.

The program is credited with keeping more than 9,000 potential drunk drivers off the road ways, which is quite an achievement considering most people loathe seeing their cars hitched to the back of a big rig.

So when you see a car being towed this St. Patrick's Day, don't curse under your breathe at the driver as he rolls by. He might be ensuring you get home safe.

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