Neighbors Find Man Stabbed in Fort Lauderdale

Police investigate stabbing in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday

Fort Lauderdale Police are investigating after a man was stabbed in front of an apartment building Tuesday morning.

The stabbing happened around 6 a.m. in the 800 block of Northwest 2nd Avenue. Neighbors said the victim was conscious and talking.

"My neighbor knocked on the door and then said some guy was stabbed and he was laying right there by the sidewalk," Mariska Early said. "He said somebody stabbed him, they were arguing and supposedly he got stabbed in the back. He was just like walking down the street and I guess he saw my neighbor and he asked for help and fell on the ground."

Police said the incident may have begun with a fight between two men, and may be drug-related.

Fort Lauderdale Police detectives collected evidence near the scene Tuesday but didn't give any info about a possible suspect.

"It's crazy cause it was 6 o'clock in the morning and you get bangs in your door and somebody is laying in your parking lot bleeding," Early said. "It's crazy, sad too. My little cousins, my brothers they walk up and down here all the time, it's kind of scary that people are stabbing people."

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