Neil Rogers Is Out in the Cold

WQAM puts the muzzle on its controversial and popular radio host for good

Neil Rogers has officially done his last show in South Florida.

Well technically, he never actually did a show in Miami, despite dominating local air waves for three decades as the most popular radio talk show host in the area. Rogers, who does his shows from his living room in Toronto, will no longer be on WQAM, station officials announced late Monday, ending speculation that the shock jock's time was drawing to a close.

And here's a word from our sponsor: It's a very bad idea to scream obscenities about your boss while on the air.

In May, Rogers dropped an F-bomb on his show about the station's general manager, Joe Bell. "F--- Joe Bell," to be precise.

Rogers called it a mistake (something about a button not working and a wardrobe malfunction), but he was suspended by the station, which sparked outrage among his throngs of fans.

In classic Rogers fashion, he told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, "Can't talk at all, under penalty of death," when asked about the end of his reign over the midday airwaves.

Rogers had a five-year contract that runs through 2013, which set his salary in the range of $750,000 to $800,000 annually.

The Neil Rogers show, which talked about everything from politics to breast implants, will be replaced by a sports radio show "immediately," according to the station press release.

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