New Anti-Trump Ads Compare President to Cuban, Venezuelan Dictators

NBCUniversal, Inc.

The largest Democratic Party super PAC is launching a new slate of ads on social media trying to win over the Florida Latino vote for the upcoming Presidential election.

According to the Miami Herald, Priorities USA are using testimonials from Cuban and Venezuelan immigrants who compare President Trump to a Latin American dictator, or a "caudillo".

The ads are being rolled out throughout Presidents Day using the hashtag "CaudilloDay".

Priorities USA's Hispanic media director, Daniela Martins, told the Herald that the super PAC did not fund this phase of ads - all of the commercials were self-produced by the migrants.

One of the ads features a Venezuelan immigrant, Samuel, who lives in Orlando. He came to the United States at the age of 11. In the video, Samuel compares Trump's political rhetoric as "Chavismo".

"For example," Samuel says - recording the video with his phone. "When Trump utilized Twitter to say he was going to remain president until 2048, I remember when Hugo Chavez said he wanted to remain president until 2021 even though it was not stipulated by the Constitution."

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