New B Safe App Gives Help at the Touch of a Button

App sends alerts to notify people you need help

With one touch of a red button, your life could be saved. And yes, there is an app for that.

You may literally be walking by yourself, but with B Safe, you will never walk alone. That's the apps slogan and it's making South Floridians feel safe and secure.

"It's dangerous sometimes to walk to your car because sometimes you have someone walking behind you, so you wish somebody would call, or you could call somebody but you don't want to make it to obvious," said Vivian Wentzel, of Aventura. "It's definitely important especially as a single woman going out with a man or something."

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B Safe can notify anyone you want, tell them where you are, and that you need help. You just select the contacts you want to be what are called "guardians." To alert them, all you have to do is touch a red button.

B Safe has 'real time tracking' so one of your 'guardians' can monitor you as you walk home by yourself at night.

The app also has a GPS navigation that can help you if you're lost, and it can even make a fake call for you. The sound of an incoming call could be enough to scare an attacker away, or maybe even get you out of a bad date.

For the most basic form of B Safe, the plan is free, but to get all of the features it costs $1.99 a month or $14.99 a year.

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