New Bill Would Eliminate Express Lanes on All Florida Highways

A Florida state senator filed a bill Thursday that would eliminate express lanes on all highways across the sunshine state.

State Senator Frank Artiles (R-Miami) introduced SB250 in an effort to keep Florida from building more express lanes after July 1.

Artiles wants to do away with express lanes because he considered them unsafe. "In Miami-Dade County, there have been more than 12,000 reported accidents in the express lanes over the past three years," said Artiles.

The bill also sets rules on how money collected from express lanes should be spent. If the measure becomes law, money collected from tolls would only be used to pay off bonds that were created to fund projects. Once those bonds are paid off, the express lanes would convert to general-use lanes under the bill.

The bill does not apply to Florida's Turnpike.

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