New Body Camera Video From Pulse Nightclub Shooting Released

Body camera videos from the Orange County Sheriff's Office are revealing more information about the Orlando massacre at Pulse nightclub.

The videos, obtained by NBC 6 Thursday, give a glimpse from the officers' perspective of those horrific moments inside and out of Pulse nightclub during the mass shooting in June.

Some of the images are quite disturbing and show the horror and chaos at the scene. Footage shows officers rushing in with gurney after gurney as they tried to pull out the massive amount of victims that came pouring out of the club on June 12.

"You got any more? There's a line of them coming out now," officers say in the video.

Cops are seen running in all directions with their weapons drawn.

"Please help my friends up there, they're very injured," one victim tells an officer.

And panic inside the club during the terrifying moments when shooter Omar Mateen went on a rampage.

"Advise them to open the door with their hands up and we will extract them," an officer says on a radio.

The videos show the brave first responders and officers take quick action as the escorted the victims to safety. And the tense moments near the bathroom where Mateen had held hostages during the intense active shooter situation.

"You guys get that? 42 victims," an officer says over a radio.

Of course that number rose to 49 victims that were killed by Mateen and 53 others wounded.

Some of the videos were redacted to protect the victims.

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