New Dashboard Shows COVID-Related Complaints for Broward County Businesses

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Broward County is now making it easy to see which businesses are not complying with coronavirus safety rules. 

A new online dashboard launched Wednesday shows which businesses in Broward County have received complaints, warnings and citations for not following COVID-19 related guidelines. 

Types of violations listed on the dashboard include not following sanitation requirements, not following social distancing, allowing more than 50% indoor capacity, and not being approved to reopen. 

One complaint on the dashboard related to a pharmacy stated, “A pharmacy tech was not wearing a facial covering,” and another complaint related to a local grocery store stated, “Employee was wearing mask below nose.”

Broward County Mayor Dale Holness says complaints are evaluated by the county to determine if they are valid. 

“When that call comes in, it is determined whether or not it is substantiated. We will get code enforcement from that city or police, whichever one the city is using, and that person will go out and check to see what is the complaint and if it is valid or not valid,” Holness said. 

A look at the dashboard Wednesday showed of the complaints 372 were warnings or citations, 145 were resolved, and 743 businesses were pending inspection. 

“The general public can feel that they have a role to play beyond just their personal responsibility they can be the eyes and ears of the community,” Holness said. 

Senior hairstylist Mario Gonzales with Clipper Kings in Pembroke Pines says following the guidelines is not easy, but he knows it is necessary. 

“Work and make money, is important no question about it, because everyone has to pay rent but really in this kind of situation right now i think the most important is to be safe, concerned about sanitation,” Gonzales said.

The dashboard is updated with new data every hour, according to Holness. 

You can file a complaint by calling the Broward County Call Center 311 number and the county will then evaluate if the complaint is valid. 

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