New Details Emerge in Case of South Miami Man Accused of Killing Wife, Posting Photo of Body to Facebook

The video from Derek Medina and Jennifer Alfonso's home and her journal were released by prosecutors Tuesday

Surveillance video released Tuesday shows what police say are some of the final moments before a South Miami man allegedly shot his wife and posted a photo of her body on Facebook.

The video of Derek Medina and Jennifer Alfonso was released by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, along with Alfonso’s journal. They both offer glimpses into the couple's relationship.

Police say Medina, 31, shot Alfonso, 26, at their South Miami townhome on Aug. 8. The home surveillance video does not give a direct view of the alleged confrontation, and Alfonso can only be seen toward the beginning. The footage, obtained by The Miami Herald, shows Medina, who had an argument with his wife in the kitchen, leaving and then returning with a gun held out of view, the newspaper reported.

According to a police search warrant, Alfonso grabbed a knife, but her husband took it away from her and put it back into a kitchen drawer. Medina told police that Alfonso punched him – and on the video, his head flinches backward, the Herald noted.

Medina told police he shot his wife six or eight times because she started punching him, the warrant said.

The video shows Medina leaving, but he returns with his phone and stops at the entrance of the kitchen, looking into it. Police say that is when he took the photo of his wife’s body, the Herald reported. Later, armed police officers are seen coming through the door. Alfonso’s body – which is never seen on camera – was discovered in the kitchen.

A post made through Medina's Facebook account admitted to posting the photo and to killing his wife. He then surrendered to police, the warrant said.

Medina has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and child neglect without great bodily harm. He has also been charged with shooting a deadly missile, but he did not enter a plea for that charge in his latest court appearance. His trial is scheduled for Nov. 4.

Alfonso’s journal, obtained by NBC 6, reveals her descriptions of her private thoughts about her on-again, off-again marriage with Medina. In one entry, Alfonso wrote that she would get so jealous that she felt like murdering her husband.

“After little situations that me and Derek have been through, I find myself uncontrolably jelouse (sic), like want to murder type deal, only the feel," she wrote. When they attempted to go shopping, she continued, his eyes wandered more than once.

"Of course my blood boiled and I wanted to rip his eyes right out of the socket, disrespect ... " she wrote. She added that she would rather be alone.

In the journal, titled “The mind of an insane Women...,” Alfonso also wrote that she couldn’t sleep when she thought about her “unhappy husband," zombies – which she said she said she always believed in – and the world coming to its end.

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