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New Group of Young Americans Welcomed in Special Citizenship Ceremony

A special citizenship ceremony just for young people was held Saturday morning in Hialeah.

The pledge of allegiance was proudly proclaimed from the pint-sized crowd. Children were waving their American flags as they were welcomed as America's newest citizens on Saturday.

"Today is a great day," said Ana Santiago, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services spokesperson. "As you can see they came all dressed up and we have these children here today from various ages and for many it's a dream come true for their parents."

The group of about 100 children applicants--ranged from one to 18 years old--and hailed from a wide array of countries like Costa Rica, Haiti, Mexico, Russia and Cuba just to name a few.

"I feel really good actually," David Jover Pozo said. "Finally got my citizenship which I've been waiting for quite a while does my parents actually got it last year"

New U.S. citizen Maria Guerrero said she's very grateful and has long been awaiting this moment.

"I came here at a young age at six years old and 10 years, 11 years later I'm becoming a citizen a bit late but at least I did it and I'm very proud," she said.

It was a long process but the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Hialeah was filled to the brim with these new patriots in this symbolic ceremony.

"Voting and being able to actually decide things in this country and being part of the country and feeling like a whole, it's nice," Pozo said.

This major American dream with plenty of opportunities is now fulfilled for these new young citizens.

"Now when they grow up they'll be able to fully participate in America is democracy," Santiago said.

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