New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Campaigns for Rick Scott Ahead of Election Day

For Democrats, the first Sunday of early voting is a big deal. It's called "Souls to the Polls" day, where church leaders urge people to go out and vote.

In the meantime, Republicans in Broward County are leaning on some national party support to motivate their voters.

Republican Governor's Association chairman and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie drummed up support for party mate Rick Scott at a pizzeria in Plantation.

"On behalf of all of the Republican governors in this country, I can tell you that there is no race more important to America then the race for the governor of Florida," Christie said to supporters.

Democrats are also calling on national party leaders. Former President Bill Clinton headlined two campaign events for Charlie Crist in Tampa and Tallahassee on Sunday.

The Ebola threat is now being talked about on the campaign trail, with Governor Scott mandating twice-daily health monitoring for 21 days, for people returning from Ebola-affected areas.

Weston Democratic congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz thinks that a bit much.

"We should be listening to our public health experts," Wasserman-Schultz said. "We should not overreact, we should not politicize the response just to try and pick up votes."

Scott disagreed, saying, "I got elected four years ago to take care of our state and I am going to do everything I can to keep people safe. It is absolutely the right thing to do."

Candidates have been hitting South Florida hard these last few days, with the goal of running up numbers in Florida's most densely-populated area. With nine days until Election Day, these campaigns will remain intense.

"You've got tea party extremists like Rick Scott who have been focused on obstruction, focused on anything but the priorities of jobs and the economy and I think the voters are tired of that," Wasserman-Schultz said.

WIth the gubernatorial race in a dead heat, all eyes are on voting turnout numbers so far. Thousands have voted already, either absentee or early. In Miami-Dade County, 164,000 ballots have been cast. 113,000 people have already voted in Broward.

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