New Judge Increases Bail for University of Florida Student in Sexual Assault Case

What to Know

  • His first bond was reduced from $125,000 to $0 on the basis of Milaski being a “high achieving student.”

A University of Florida student will have to pay a much higher bond thanks to a new judge assigned to the case of him allegedly sexually assaulting a fellow student on campus.

NBC affiliate WBBH-TV reports that Ian Milaski was ordered taken back into custody and given a bond of $200,000 as well as new charges being placed on the 21-year-old that include burglary and sexual assault.

Milaski was arrested for the alleged August incident, but the original judge agreed with a defense attorney’s petition to reduce his bond from $125,000 to $0 on the basis of Milaski being a “high achieving student.”

The alleged victim in the case said Milaski, who is a resident assistant in one of the school’s dorms, tired to force himself on her multiple times and stick his hand inside her underwear.

Milaski has been at his family’s home in Cape Coral since his first release - where he was ordered to wear a GPS monitor and prohibited from returning to the school’s Gainesville campus.

He entered a plea of not guilty earlier this month and is due back in court on November 14th.

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