New Name and Crest Released for Miami Soccer Team

David Beckham’s soccer group has released a name and crest for the major league soccer team that’s set to come to Miami in 2020.

"This is such a proud day for myself and for the entire team," said David Beckham. "It's an honor to announce the new name and crest to our fans."

The team, which will be named Club Internacional de Futbol, or InterMiami, announced the new crest and name on social media Wednesday morning.

The crest represents Miami, as its colors are black, pink and white and features herons.

InterMiami explained the meaning behind the crest. They said the Great White Heron is a permanent resident of South Florida and represent freedom, are stoic and intelligent but strike with fierce accuracy. The Heron’s legs form an M to represent Miami.

The eclipse in the crest represents the people of Miami’s dedication to work day and night. The sun’s seven rays pay homage to David Beckham’s career.

The ring represents an inclusive spirit and the shield signifies strength and solidarity. Its three points represent the tri-county area of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

The roman numerals MMXX can also be seen on the crest, which translates to 2020, which is the year the team is set to start playing.

"We are a city with a lot of history," said Beckham. "That's what we wanted to create wtih this crest, but also the authenticity, so the South American flavor that we wanted is in there, too. We also needed that modern twist as well, because it's what Miami is all about." 

In November, local residents will vote on whether or not to use the land currently occupied by the Melreese Country Club near Miami International Airport for the new soccer complex.

The 99-year lease would allow Beckham and Miami businessman Jorge Mas to build a massive complex that would include a 28,000 seat stadium for the MLS franchise, as well as youth soccer fields and spaces for retail shops, hotels and offices.

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