New Online Database Allows Florida College Students To Check for Registered Sex Offenders on Campus

Reaction to the site was mixed at Florida International University

Florida college and university students and staff can now check a new online database to see if there are registered sex offenders on their campus.

Broward State Sen. Eleanor Sobel sponsored legislation last year to secure funding for the site, and enlist the assistance of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Florida sheriffs. The joint effort is now live under the "University Search" option at

On the campus of Florida International University, reaction to the site was mixed.

"I really don't like looking into things like that; but, it's actually a good thing to know and to have," said student Breana Smith.

"I don't really think it's that needed. I think the whole sex offender thing is a little biased," added Gabriella Del Torre.

No matter where students stand on the issue, the FDLE, state lawmakers and others in law enforcement insist that knowing who is on campus is important.

To date, the database records more than 600 sex offenders statewide with active registrations at colleges and universities, and 60,000 in Florida.

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