New Rule Puts the B.O. in BSO

BSO internal affairs division is no longer allowed to wear cologne or deodorant

Usually, when something stinks in a law enforcement agency, internal affairs is called in to sniff around.

At the Broward Sheriff's Office, that funky smell is probably coming from internal affairs - literally.

According to a new rule by the division's commander, employees are no longer allowed to wear anything that remotely smells good, like cologne, perfume or deodorant.

It's all an effort to create a "fragrance free" workplace, which could potentially be counterproductive if the new fragrance in the division becomes body odor.

"In order to accommodate those employees who may have sensitivity or allergies to airborne chemical irritants (not limited to fragrances, perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, deodorants,etc.), I am implementing an internal office policy limiting these chemicals within the confines of the office spaces of the Division of Internal Affairs," wrote Commander W. David Robshaw.

The stinky policy took effect March 1.

Internal affairs folks are usually in the unenviable task of investigating their own colleagues, which is enough pressure to make anyone sweat. But there will be no covering it up now.

The smell police will warn and then discipline any violators who might think they need a little extra to make sure their personal hygiene is up to snuff.

No word if nose plugs have been handed out in lieu of the new policy, but they might not be a bad investment.

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