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New Study Shows Shocking Number of Children Accidentally Poisoned Each Day

Watchdog organization Safe Kids Worldwide has a strong reminder to parents to keep all medication out of kids' reach and out of sight.

Recent findings from the group say the number of kids accidentally poisoned after getting ahold of medicine is enough to fill four school buses a day.

"Children as young as a month old have ended up in an emergency department because they'd been poisoned by getting into a medicine that was left within reach of them,” said Morag Mackay, who wrote the report.

Mackay’s finding show the vast majority of parents say it's important to store medication up high and out of sight - but less than half do so.

"Parents, while they know their kids well, they sometimes underestimate what they can actually do,” Mackay said.

Nearly every minute in the United States, a call is placed to a poison control center because a young child got into medicine - and child resistant packaging does not mean child proof.

"We've had children get into medicines because they were given the bottle half-full of tablets to use as a rattle," said Dr. Rutherfoord Rose from the Virginia Poison Center.

The potential danger includes vitamins and supplements, even eye drops. Poison control experts say laundry detergents and other cleaners are also common sources of accidental poisonings in kids.

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