New Traffic Pattern for Dolphin Expressway Drivers at Palmetto Expressway Interchange Begins Sunday

Many changes will be put in place, FDOT says

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Drivers on State Road 836 will be seeing a new traffic pattern at the interchange with State Road 826 beginning Sunday.

Motorists who are traveling westbound on State Road 836 (also known as the Dolphin Expressway) after Northwest 57th Avenue or who are accessing ramps for State Road 826 (also known as the Palmetto Expressway) will see the following changes:

  • Drivers on westbound State Road 836 who are continuing west or exiting at Northwest 72nd Avenue or West Flagler Street will need to stay in the right three lanes after they pass Northwest 57th Avenue, the Florida Department of Transportation says.
  • Drivers on westbound SR 836 who want to go north or south on State Road 826 beyond West Flagler Street will need to exit using the left two lanes after they pass Northwest 57th Avenue.
  • Drivers on Northwest 72nd Avenue who want to go west on State Road 836 or north or south on State Road 826 will have to access the entrance ramps by going west on Northwest 11th Street. Those ramps will open on Saturday, Feb. 15.
  • Westbound drivers on State Road 836 who are exiting at Northwest 12 Street/Northwest 87 Avenue will be guided to a new ramp that lines up with Northwest 84 Avenue at Northwest 12th Street. That ramp will also debut on Saturday, Feb. 15.

The new traffic pattern will allow the contractor to continue constructing the new mainline westbound State Road 836 and keep widening the new northbound State Road 826, FDOT says.

Check your local traffic conditions here.

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