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Tropical Depression 15 Forms Off East Coast, Poses No Threat to United States

The next two names for the 2020 hurricane season are “Nana” and “Omar.”

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A tropical depression has formed off the East Coast on Monday but is expected to stay away from land.

Tropical Depression 15, with winds of 35 mph, was 100 miles off the coast of North Carolina as of 5 a.m. Tuesday and will move northeast, away from the U.S. coastline. No impacts are anticipated, and no watches or warnings will be issued. It is expected to become "Nana" on Tuesday.

Another area is showing a high potential to develop into a tropical depression over the next day or so.

"Invest 99L" is moving through the central Caribbean and holds an 70% chance for development. It is currently south of the Dominican Republic and moving westward at 15-20 mph. Locations such as Jamaica, Belize and Guatemala are encouraged to follow its progress this week.

The remaining area of concern will eject off the coast of western Africa in the next day or do, holding a 30% chance for development in the week ahead.

It should be mentioned that, with high pressure holding firm nearby, there are no threats to Florida at this time.

The statistical peak of the hurricane is just days away, September 10.

The next two names for the 2020 season are "Nana" and "Omar."

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