New Video Shows Driver Crashing Into FHP Trooper

Officials have released new dashcam video that shows a trooper’s cruiser being rammed by a vehicle on the Turnpike, which led to an all-out chase.

A car rammed into the back of an FHP patrol car while the trooper was conducting a traffic stop on a different vehicle. Seconds after the crash near Northwest 41st street on the Turnpike, the driver of the white Honda took off. Trooper Vanessa Franceschi didn’t hesitate to go after him.

“I just got hit and the guy is fleeing in the car right now,” said Francheschi in the dashcam recording.

FHP said Raumel Quintero was behind the wheel, weaving in and out of traffic on April 24th. They believe the trooper was intentionally targeted by Quintero.

Dashcam video shows Quintero getting off an exit, driving onto oncoming traffic and then got back onto a ramp. During the chaos, Trooper Franceschi maintained her composure and communicated clearly with dispatchers.

“The trooper’s actions may have saved her life, as well as other people’s lives in this. She did exactly what she was trained to do,” said Trooper Joe Sanchez of FHP.

That training includes stopping the white Honda with a pit-maneuver. Other troopers responded near the Turnpike and Southwest 8th Street for backup. Quintero was arrested.

“We will not tolerate attacks on law enforcement officers,” said Sanchez.

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