Arrest Made in Shooting Near Pembroke Pines Walgreen's

An arrest has been made in an alleged case of road rage and shooting near a Walgreen's in Pembroke Pines on Monday.

Pembroke Pines police arrested Reynaldo Lopez, 52, on Tuesday. He was the man who was shot in the incident. Lopez is charged with felony battery and burglary.

Surveillance video showed what looks like Lopez driving on Pines Blvd. in his Dry Clean Express van, not far behind Kenneth Parris, 71, in his silver SUV.

According to the arrest affidavit, the two became involved in a traffic dispute. Lopez stopped, got out of his vehicle in traffic on Pines Blvd., approached Parris' SUV and a verbal altercation began.

According to the police report, Lopez said to Parris, "Do you think you're a tough guy?" After Parris replied, Lopez intentionally punched Parris in the face while he was inside his vehicle.

In fear for his safety, Parris said he shot Lopez in the arm with his personal firearm. Minutes later, the two men ended up in the parking lot of the Walgreen's.

According to the police report, Parris has a concealed firearms permit. He was questioned but not charged in the incident. Lopez suffered non-life threatening injuries.

We tried to contact Parris Tuesday afternoon. No one answered at his home in Davie. But many of his neighbors said he is a standup guy and there’s no way he would have shot someone unless he had to.

“He’s a very nice and polite man. He’s always been nice for as long as I’ve known him,” said Donna Gruntler, who has known Parris for 16 years. She said she thinks Parris had to have been protecting himself.

“I couldn’t imagine anything different,” she said. Both men have no prior arrests.

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