New Wine Emojis and Cute Puppies: A Look at What Went Viral This Week

Who doesn’t love wine, right?! Well, we may soon see a white wine emoji. Are you as excited for this as I am?

White Wine Emoji Coming Soon? Kendall-Jackson, a winery in Sonoma County, submitted a 15-page proposal for a white wine emoji to Unicode, which is the governing body for coding standards. The good news, it was selected for review by the committee, so we could possibly see a white wine emoji soon. The proposal argues that 78 percent of U.S. wine drinkers regularly drink white wine. While 77 percent drink red wine.

Dog Goes Viral With GoPro Video: A couple of dogs were seen playing in a backyard recently, but one grabbed a ping pong paddle with a GoPro attached to it and just ran off, making for an incredibly perfect video. The video was uploaded to Reddit and has since gotten tons of views.

Man Injured During #InMyFeelings Challenge: Kiki surely didn’t like this. A man in Boynton Beach was doing the totally played out #InMyFeelings challenge, when it suddenly went wrong. Jaylen Norwood said he was going to jump on the hood of a car and continue the dance – but instead, he slipped on some oil and got hit by a car. He wasn’t seriously injured – just some scrapes on his arm. But his video went so viral, he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show.

Store Employee Helps Man With Autism: I love this story SO much! An employee at a Louisiana grocery store helped a man with autism stock shelves. Jack Ryan noticed the employee took an interest in the task, which is when he offered to let Ryan stock the shelves. As if that weren’t heartwarming enough, Ryan’s sister went back to the store, met the employee, thanked him, and then started a GoFund Me page for him. The employee said he wants to go to school to be an educator. At last check, the GoFund Me page raised over $63,000 for him to go to school.

We’d love to cover more stories like that. So be sure to get out there, do something nice for someone, and then tell us about it! You can find me on all social media platforms @BrandonLopezTV.

There’s a look at some of what went viral this week. We’ll have more next Friday. Remember you can catch my segment on 6 in the Mix at 11:30 a.m. on NBC 6. Have a great weekend!

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