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6 to Know: Man Believes He Saw Dwayne Haskins on I-595 Minutes Before Death

It’s Monday, April 11th - and NBC 6 has the top stories for the day

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It’s Monday, April 11th - and NBC 6 has the top stories for the day.

No. 1 - Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins, 24, was struck and killed by a dump truck while attempting to cross the westbound lanes of I-595 on foot for unknown reasons on Saturday morning.

NBC 6 spoke to a man who says he believes he saw Haskins on I-595 westbound just minutes before the crash. “I was dropping off my daughter to an airline at the Fort Lauderdale Airport in the morning,” said Chris Stanley. Stanley says he was on the way home after leaving the airport and heading towards the off-ramp to I-95 North when he noticed vehicles veering into his lane. “And what I noticed was a Mack truck, or a big tractor-trailer, with also another vehicle that started moving a little bit to the left,” said Stanley. “I was in the left lane and then there was the right lane. And then I noticed an individual there starting to make their way onto the road."

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No. 2 - Fort Lauderdale Police arrested three adults for pickpocketing at Tortuga Musical Festival on Saturday night, recovering 23 cell phones from them.

The arrestees include Piter Nieto Valenzuela, 28, Yesica Castellano, 28 and Wilson Andres Garson Ruzzi, 23. While at the festival, it wasn't difficult for NBC 6 to find people who had their phone stoles, but most said it would not ruin their weekend. “It’s horrible," attendee Keyonna Hill said. "People are out here trying to have a good time. Why are you trying to ruin it for other people.” Hill watched as a man tried to steal her mom’s cell phone just outside the entrance of Tortuga Music Festival Sunday night. “A guy was asking her about her wrist band and next thing you know he’s trying to sneak in her pocket," Hill said. "Because we’re on this side and I see him and he (my brother) goes there and grabs the phone and the dude just walks off.”

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No. 3 - A ride operator was injured after being caught in a ride at the Clay County Fair on Friday night in Jacksonville, according to NBC affiliate WLTV-TV.

The operator is 28-year-old Davontai Lee. Officials responded to the fair, helping the trapped man slide out of the ride. Police said he was trapped for about 15 minutes. Once freed, he was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. The man trapped was one of several operators working on the ride. Law enforcement said he was trying to retrieve someone's property and was caught in the ride due to bad timing. “The man went down to get another person's hat and I guess the floors or whatever had went down on him and pinned him in," said Keirra Peterson, daughter of Aurelia Smith, the woman who recorded the incident on her phone.

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No. 4 - Back for its 14th year, the Miami Beach Pride Parade returned to the city on Sunday, April 10 at noon.

Miami Beach Pride Week is a celebration of the LGBTQ community and its allies, which ends Sunday with a massive parade that runs from 5th to 15th streets along Ocean Drive. Lavish floats, colorful flags and local drag queens are just some of the things you can expect at this celebration of unity, inclusion, and equality. NBC 6's Jamie Guirola is one of the judges for the parade, which is being hosted by local drag queen Tiffany T Fantasia. Hundreds of businesses and corporations are sponsoring the event, including NBC 6 and Telemundo 51. NBCUniversal is a media sponsor for Pride and has been for the last decade.

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No. 5 - City of Miami Fire Rescue responded to a two-story home in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood early Sunday morning.

When crews arrived at the scene on 8th Avenue and 2nd Street at around 2 a.m., they found a two-story wooden structure fully engulfed in flames, said Lieutenant Pete Sanchez with Miami Fire Rescue. Sanchez says 25 units with more than 70 firefighters worked for more than an hour to put out the massive fire. He says they had to switch strategies to get it under control. “We had to transition into defensive mode, which means we were no longer inside the structure because conditions became unsafe," said Sanchez. Video shows firefighters pouring gallons and gallons of water onto the fire. “This was quite a challenging fire because of the wood-frame structure," said Sanchez. "We also encountered some conversions inside the structure where there were multiple living units or multiple living areas.”

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No. 6 - A bittersweet and emotional day as friends and family celebrated the life and legacy of Pam Robb while mourning her loss.

“I feel like Pam is right here,” Angie Anobile, Robb’s wife said. Pam Robb was working with a dog at 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida on February 17, when authorities said the dog "snapped" and attacked her and another woman. Robb, a volunteer at the facility, was rushed to a local hospital where she died. The other woman, identified as Jan Halas Stenger, was also hospitalized with minor injuries. Robb’s grieving wife said she finds comfort in knowing that Pam was doing what she loved. “She knew the risks of working with wild animals,” Anobile said. “Unfortunately, animals have been, I find, a little more temperamental as there’s a lot more abuse."

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