ICYMI: Miami’s Pig-in-a-Box Holiday Tradition, New Evidence in UPS Shootout

Here are some of the top stories from the past week you may have missed from NBC 6 News


Pig in a Box: Behind the Scenes of a Unique Holiday Tradition

NBC 6's Laura Rodriguez takes us inside the Caja China factory, bringing to light the origins of the beloved tradition that takes place in family-filled backyards across South Florida during the holidays. For Cubans, in particular, La Caja China is basically synonymous with Noche Buena (Christmas Eve). The name literally translates to “the Chinese box." It is a roasting box made of wood, lined with sheets of aluminum.

New Evidence Appears to Show Suspect Fired First Shot At End of Police Chase

NBC 6 Investigators showed two videos of the gunfire that followed Miramar's police chase, taken from different perspectives, to two experts: a lawyer who has sued police and a retired high-ranking law enforcement officer. Both agreed it appears the first shot was fired from one of the armed robbers, leaning out of the passenger door of the UPS truck and directing his fire toward at least two police officers, at least one of whom almost immediately returned fire.

Nickelodeon Brings ‘Slime City’ to Aventura Mall

Want to re-live 'Slime Time'? Nickelodeon has arrived in South Florida with its famous slime in an immersive experience for both current children and adults who want to go back to the 90s. The interactive Slime City playground inside of Aventura Mall will take visitors through 20,000 square feet of slime-tastic adventures, uniquely designed to offer families photo ops perfect for social media.

New Miami Police Emergency 911 System Can Pinpoint Exact Location

Miami Police unveiled on Thursday a new 911 system that is designed to eliminate any question about where a person calling for help actually is, even if they can’t talk. The system, Rapid SOS, can pinpoint exactly where a 911 caller is located, even if they are on the move, and can give operators an altitude read-out. It follows you along on your cell phone as you're moving, with red dots for where you were and a green dot where you are right now.

Bayfront Park ‘Amps Up’ Amphitheater with New Solar Installation

Floridians will no longer be the only ones soaking in the sun at Bayfront Park, as FPL announced a brand new solar installation in the area's amphitheater. In a press release, the company says the project will include over 500 solar panels and is expected to generate enough power (250 kilowatts) to be used during the amphitheater's concert season. Panels will act as a canopy on the edges of the venue and double as a research hub for "bifacial solar panels."

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