Nicolita Puts a Strong Focus on Bottoms for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

The collection is inspired by the film "The Search for the Perfect Booty."

This year, it’s all about bottoms for Nicolita, which will be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the brand during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

The collection, inspired by the film "The Search for the Perfect Booty," will feature a wide variety of swimsuit bottoms. Designer, Nicole Di Rocco, focused on giving emphasis on the curves and booty enhancing fits.

“Everybody pays attention to the booty,” Di Rocco said. “I focused on making great fitting bottoms with Cuban style.”

The Nicolita line will include brighter and bolder prints and fabrics mixed with different textures such as lace and crochet.

“Mixing the texture with the colors—it’s another level to all of the suits,” she said.

For this year’s runaway, models Águeda López and Lisa Pliner will be accompanied by a number of women who were specifically chosen by Di Rocco.

The week before the show the designer held auditions and handpicked her models from a pool of about 100 women.

“I was looking for different body types and personalities on the runway,” Di Rocco said. “I looked at their confidence and their personalities.”

The brand, which has always had a strong Cuban influence, has evolved over the past 10 years, Di Rocco said.

“The inspiration for the brand has come full circle,” she said. “Infusing the experience with designing the collection brought my brand to another level.”

Di Rocco credits her success to the balance between her American roots and her Cuban heritage, which she has mirrored in her designs.

“In general what makes Nicolita stand out is the fact that I’ve been able to blend Latin with a mainstream fashion,” Di Rocco said. “It’s not just the Cuban and it’s not just the American. It’s a melting pot of cultures—that’s where the Hispanic market is going in the future.”

Below are some of the winners that will be modeling at the Nicolita show:

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