Nine Foot Crocodile At Naval Air Station Key West

An American crocodile was spotted by a security patrol at the Naval Air Station Key West.

A 9-foot, 3-inch American crocodile paid a visit to the Naval Air Station Key West.

A security patrol spotted the crocodile Monday at daybreak off the road on the commercial entrance to Boca Chica, Naval Air Station Key West spokeswoman Trice Denny said.

“This was in an area of the base that is not highly populated,” she said.

Following standard procedure, the Navy’s environmental development team contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who came out to tag the crocodile.

It took the team about an hour to tag and release the crocodile, Denny said.

Denny, who has been in the base for over 10 years, said she has seen a handful of crocodiles in the base. She specifically remembers a time when a crocodile was sunning itself on the runway.

“It happens occasionally,” she said.

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