Nissan Buys Orlando Filmmaker's Clunker After Seeing Homemade Ad

Watch the video below.

An Orlando filmmaker's new ad campaign has gone viral -- and helped him sell his 17-year-old Nissan Maxima.

Luke Aker's humorous minute-long video plays into all the luxury car commercial cliches, all to advertise the sale of his old clunker, reported AdWeek.

The car was bought back by Nissan USA itself for $1,400 as a result of the creative campaign ad which included a print ad promising the car was unlikely to get stolen and a Craigslist post that promised, "This pavement yacht has a ride as smooth as a Pegasus' backside," according to AdWeek.

Nissan USA also donated an additional $1,000 to The Wounded Warriors Project, Aker's charity of choice.

Watch the video below:

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