NiteTalk: Finding Haven at Haven with Dana “Danger” Dwyer


Toward the far end of Lincoln Road, closer to the Bay than the Atlantic, there exists a spot that's beyond both hot and cool. That spot is called Haven, and, for a certain kind of South Beach swell, this invitingly dark, visually-striking hangout has become just that. Last night the way cool hotspot celebrated its 90th day on the scene, so Niteside swung in for a chat with head diva Dana "Danger" Dwyer.

If you had to describe Haven in a single sentence, what would it be?
A digital lounge for local celebrities.

Some of those local celebrities are DJs, who have you got boothing up? Nico does Mondays, Tuesdays is Mark Leventhal, Kristian Karo and Adam Foster are on Wednesdays, Thursdays we're trying someone new, Fridays is Eartight, Saturday we have Sam Zarif, and on Sundays it's Sage Molotov.

With the exception of the legendary Leventhal they seem to be relatively new names on the scene, was that intentional? It was. We interviewed hundreds of DJs and tried to get as many of the newest and most exciting names we could find.

Is there a consistent theme of are they all different kinds of spinners?
They're all different, from Tuesday's kinda '80s New Age Disco to Saturday night's deep house.

Where were you before coming to Haven?
I was with the Opium Group for five years -- I was the longest-lasting bartender ever!

Which clubs did you work? I opened Set; then when the Group opened Louis, I opened Louis. And when they bought Mokai, I went to Mokai. I eventually went back to Louis. That was my favorite.

Haven has food too, right? We do have food and our food is fabulous!

What kinda fabulous food is it?
Small plates from all over the world. Right now we serve until 12:30 every night, but we're also working on a late, late night menu for the weekends.

Haven is at 1237 Lincoln Rd  South Beach. For more information call (305) 987-8885 or log on here.


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