19-Year-Old Wants Justice After Wrongfully Charged in Liberty City Murders

What to Know

  • Anthony Clinch says he and his family feel unsafe months after Miami police wrongfully arrested and charged him in two teens' deaths.
  • Police released Clinch and Yaairnes Bryant days after they were arrested in May after video corroborated Clinch's alibi.
  • Police have still yet to make arrests in the April 8 murders of 17-year-old Kimson Green and 18-year-old Rickey Dixon.

Anthony Clinch says now feels forced to deny who he really is months after he was wrongfully arrested and charged in the shooting deaths of two teens.

"Everywhere I go, people be like, 'I remember you off the news,'" he told NBC 6. "I just be like, 'No, that wasn't me. I don't know what you're talking about.'"

Clinch, 19, alongside 21-year-old Yaairnes Bryant, were arrested and charged back in May for the April 8 shooting that killed two Miami Northwestern Senior High School students and injured two others. The two were released just days later after video evidence of Clinch showed him shopping with his family during the time of the shooting.

Months later, Clinch's mother, Sharon, told NBC 6 she wants her son's reputation to be restored – and think that could happen if Miami police find the killers of 17-year-old Kimson Green and 18-year-old Rickey Dixon.

"I feel for the mothers," she said. "They thought they had the people that killed their son and I know they want justice. But I want justice, too."

Though detectives determined the pair wasn't involved in the shooting, Clinch and his family say they don't feel safe with the shooters still at large. They are considered filing a lawsuit against the city.

"I don't know who might want to think that I am lying or my son," Sharon said. "We don't go nowhere. I have been going over to my sister's because I been scared. I don't have my grandkids come here because I been scared."

Police are still looking for leads in the shooting and have not made any arrests.

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