No More Baggage Fees: Gov. Orders Sale of State Planes

Scott plans to fly his own plane


If Florida legislators want to get away, it won't be on a state-owned plane anymore.

Newly-installed Gov. Rick Scott has ordered the sale of the two state-owned planes used to ferry politicians around the nation, making good on a campaign promise he told voters.

"The privilege of using a state-owned aircraft is an unnecessary burden to taxpayers, especially when lower-cost travel options exist,” Scott stated in a press release. “As elected officials it is our responsibility to utilize the most affordable options for official business, and I do not believe state-owned airplanes are the best option.”

It's not like Scott didn't use the planes, too, but he used them to get into office.

Scott made the taxpayer funded frequent flyer miles of Attorney General Bill McCollum, then Republican front runner for governor, a central issue in the primary. He used it as an example of wasteful government spending by insiders like McCollum and it worked.

Democrat candidate Alex Sink also had her state plane issues after it was uncovered she used the planes for personal trips.

The two planes cost about $2.4 million to maintain per year.

"This is the first of many steps Gov. Scott is taking to reduce government spending," a press release said.

Now the perk will likely be gone in a matter of months. Scott and his Cabinet would have to vote to approve the sale of the planes, but it would be hard for any of his compadres to side against saving taxpayers a few dollars.

And don't feel bad for Scott because it's not like he will be stuck on the Greyhound bus trying to get to functions.

The millionaire owns his own plane, which he plans to use to travel to events.

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