No Bond for Couple Arrested at House Full of Guns, Drugs

A couple arrested after dozens of guns and illegal drugs were found in a Kendall home made their first appearance in court Thursday where they were ordered held without bond.

Paul Labrador and his wife Charice, both 47, are facing multiple charges of drug trafficking. According to the arrest report, detectives received an anonymous letter saying Mr. Labrador was selling drug out of his home on Southwest 98th Avenue in Kendall.

Miami-Dade Police officers started watching the home. On Wednesday, they saw Labrador drive off in his car and noticed he wasn't wearing a set belt so they made a traffic stop. They found drugs on him and then went to his home to uncover dozens of rifles, automatic weapons and handguns.

But in court Thursday, Labrador's defense attorney told the court the guns aren't his.

"These weapons were actually given to him by the wife of a deceased friend, these are not weapons that were accumulated for any nefarious purposes," the attorney said.

Detectives also found several pounds of marijuana, cocaine, pills and thousand of dollars in cash, officials said.

The defendants' next step could be to ask for a bond hearing. Otherwise they'll remain in jail until their trials start. And that could be in a few months.

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