No Bond for Fort Lauderdale Burglary Suspect Caught With SmartWater Technology

Micheal Jackson caught thanks to new high-tech water: Police

A suspect who was caught breaking into a car in Fort Lauderdale thanks to a new, high-tech crime-fighting water will be staying behind bars, a judge ruled Monday.

Micheal Jackson, 21, is charged with burglary of an unoccupied conveyance following his arrest with the help of SmartWater CSI, Fort Lauderdale Police said.

The liquid, which goes on clear but shines neon when seen under ultraviolet black light, was placed on a decoy vehicle at the Beach Place garage at 17 South State Road A1A.

Fort Lauderdale Fighting Crime With High-Tech Water

Officials had set up the decoy, equipped with alarm and video surveillance, at the garage due to a recent string of vehicle burglaries.

Authorities were notified of a break-in after the alarm was activated. When they arrived at the garage, officials confirmed the vehicle had been burglarized and the SmartWater had been deployed.

Using surveillance footage, police identified and located Jackson. Under a blacklight, his clothes and skin showed the presence of SmartWater CSI, police said.

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Broward Judge John Hurley set Jackson's bond at $10,000 bond during his court appearance Monday morning. But Jackson was ordered to stay behind bars without bond due to a previous pending burglary arrest.

"It appears this is ongoing criminal activity, you're already out on a burglary of a conveyance with a petty theft and now it seems like the strength of the case is rather obvious, they find you with the substance on you that was placed inside the vehicle and they've got you on photo surveillance," Hurley said.

Fort Lauderdale Police unveiled the new SmartWater CSI technology in January. The liquid is non-hazardous, but nearly impossible to remove, leaving a mark for a minimum of five years. The mark is only visible under UV black light.

Police say the liquid can be sprayed over property or sprayed on a criminal in the middle of a robbery.

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