No Charges Yet in Hialeah Fatal Accident

A day after a cafeteria worker at Hialeah High School died when a stolen car drove through a stop sign and plowed into the cafeteria worker’s car, no charges have been filed against the driver of the stolen vehicle.

Hialeah Police arrested Demetrius Marquis Saunders and Diamante Lajuane Warren on charges of grand theft auto and burglary. Police said the duo was in a stolen Honda Accord Thursday attempting to commit burglaries on East 59th Street in Hialeah.

When police showed up in the area, the duo drove away on 59th Street, but when they got to East 4th Avenue; they drove through a stop sign and crashed into the other car. Hialeah Police haven’t released the name of the driver who was killed.

Police said Saunders and Warren ran from their car, but were both taken into custody after law enforcement put up a perimeter around the area.

Still, neither Saunders nor Warren has been charged in the fatal accident. According to Hialeah Police, Saunders is the suspected driver in the accident. Police said in bond court Friday they are still in the process of getting warrants in a vehicular homicide case regarding the accident.

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