Judge: No Contact for Mother, Boy Who Survived Deadly Deerfield Beach Standoff

Deanna Beauchamp was in court to hear Judge Kenneth Gillespie's order.

A judge ruled to keep a no-contact order in place Friday for a mother and her surviving son, both of whom were injured when her husband _ the children's father _ stabbed his entire family in a deadly standoff in Deerfield Beach. 

Deanna Beauchamp was in court to hear Judge Kenneth Gillespie's order, and she cried when testifying about the night of the standoff.

On Feb. 9, William DeJesus, of Port Orange, drove his family into the Highland Woods RV park in Deerfield Beach, where he shot a Canadian man twice, killing him, before he went into the man’s home, where DeJesus ultimately stabbed his wife, Beauchamp, his two sons and himself, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

His standoff with a SWAT team lasted six hours. Beauchamp, 37 and their 7-year-old son survived, while DeJesus, 41, and their 9-year-old son died.

In court on Friday, Broward Sheriff's Office Det. Valerian Perez said there will be information coming out next week that will show the child should not be with the mother.

In the past, the two children had been allowed to return to DeJesus and Beauchamp despite a troubled history, according to the Department of Children and Families.

There wasn't enough evidence to meet the “very high burden of proof” required to permanently remove the children from their parents, Joe Follick, the DCF's communications director, had told NBC 6.
In February 2008, Beauchamp, told authorities that they both had been molesting their two sons, newly released DCF documents show.
“When the mother made allegations of sexual abuse, we immediately asked for permanent removal of the children from the family. She recanted,” Follick had said. 

He said the agency had no physical evidence, and it was difficult to get clear statements from the two children, including the older son, who barely spoke.

Hundreds of pages of documents the DCF released on the case Wednesday reveal that DeJesus was previously accused of stabbing and assaulting his wife, and that his youngest son called him “Monster Jackson.”  

A July 2009 case note said that the DCF required “clear and convincing evidence” that DeJesus and Beauchamp were unfit parents.
The name of Beauchamp's attorney wasn't immediately known.
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