No Grown Ups Allowed at Miami Beach Playgrounds

Adults without children can't use 19 playgrounds in Miami Beach

Toni Guinyard

Usually, kids can't get into certain establishments without being accompanied by an adult.

But Miami Beach has flipped the script and a new law basically orders that grown ups can't play on a playground without being accompanied by a kid.

The new ordinance is designed to protect children against prowlers and people who may be looking to snatch up or expose themselves to children. A noble effort, but children shouldn't be at a playground without an adult or parent watching them anyway.

And it doesn't seem quite right to tell tax-paying citizens that they can't use a park that their money pays for.

The new rule went into effect Sunday and impacts people 18 and older.

So if swinging on a swing helps you relax or if you think better by hanging upside down on the monkey bars, make sure to bring along a pint-sized relative otherwise you'll be put in adult time out.

If an adult is caught without a child at any of the 19 "Children's Only" playgrounds, violators face a fine or possibly a lecture from a city cop.

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