No Injuries in Miami-Dade Apartment Fire: Officials

No injuries were reported.

Bright orange flames shot out of two second story windows in a West Kendall apartment building at 15425 SW 80th Street Sunday after a fire started in the unit's kitchen just before noon.

The fire, which spread to the dining room and left smoke creeping into other apartments, left the two women who live in the unit where the fire started homeless.

Neighbor Andrew Garcia, who was celebrating his 13th birthday, heard a smoke alarm and screams for help coming from next door as he gathered with friends.

"The door was open and the people in the apartment were screaming, " he said.

His father helped the two elderly woman who lived in the apartment to safety as his mother corralled the children and led them downstairs. She said one of the victims told her the fire started in the kitchen.

"She says a pot of rice was on, then she heard a loud pop and then flames covered the kitchen," Blanca Garcia said.

In a matter of minutes, intense flames consumed the apartment. Few items were spared with mostly everything inside being charred beyond recognition. Soot clings onto what's left of the walls.

While the women lost their home, they walked away with their lives -- no injuries were reported as a result of the fire.

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