No Luck for Lotto Winner

Man who lost a $500,000 lottery ticket can't catch a break

Louis Tolentino has experienced highs and lows that few can imagine. And Thursday might be as low as it can get.

Tolentino was informed by state officials that he would not be paid the $500,000 prize he claims he won from a scratch off ticket because he can't physically provide the ticket. Tolentino, of Lake Worth, lost the ticket on his way from the convenience store he bought it from to the state agency that confirms winnings.

The store's manager confirmed that Tolentino did indeed purchase the ticket at his store and that the ticket was verified a winner, but without the golden ticket, state officials said they cannot verify the win. In his rush to get to the payment office, Tolentino forgot to sign the back of the ticket, which would have insured that only he could collect the money.

He also lost the confirmation ticket from the convenience store, which would have also been acceptable proof.

Now it's up for grabs for whoever finds the ticket and profits from Tolentino's misfortune.

"It's just depleting us. The littlest thing and we start crying," Tolentino's wife, Sandra told WPTV-5. "Emotionally we're drained."

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